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New song on Myspace. We Were Dancing - A song written about a she but should have been written about me...

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The new single "Be like you" has now been sent out to loads of radiostations in Sweden. Make a request at your local station. If you don't have a favourite station, you can try to make a request by clicking here.


First of all I wanna thank you all! My songs have been played nearly 500 times in little over a week on! And we are just getting started...

There are now two new songs to listen to on! One is about a man I met at a gas station late one night. He was so high he could touch the sky. All I could think was - How the hell is he gonna feel tomorrow. He called himself Boogie Woogie Man. The other one is about breaking up and having regrets...

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To pre-listen parts of some of the songs from the album "Restless Generation", click HERE.


 A account is soon to be opened. When it's done you will be linked to it (if you please) and some of the songs from the album are available in lo-fi versions.

An email-signup will be added to the site within days. Be sure to sign up to get a newsmail whenever something happen.

We seem to have solved the problem with prelistening some of the songs. This will also be presented on the site within days...

A new management deal is soon to be closed and after that it will probably not take long before we can give you a release-date on the album "Restless Generation".


15/8 Now you can send an email to: 

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After six albums in swedish with various groups it's now time for his first real soloalbum. The album is called "Restless Generation" and will be released this fall.

The first single from the album, also titled "Restless Generation", is now released to swedish radio-stations all over the country. So keep your eyes and ears open for the first single ever released in the name of Peter Simson. Or better yet... Make a request at your local station. You can try by clicking here.

See pictures from the recording session of the album "Restless Generation" here.
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"We have it all

But that's all we have"


The sleeve to the first single "Restless Generation"